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The way forward . . .

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The only thing I know for sure is that when I listen with a clear and open heart, I am being guided to where I need to go.  I am not glomming onto someone else's path.  It seems I am finding my own way.  I know in my heart that others share this path, but we have no leader, there is no fixed set of rules or particular direction that we must follow. 

I am not seeking to form a tribe.  I am not seeking a place of leadership or authority.  I am seeking the way of living a good, authentic life, filled with nourishing foods, well-crafted tools and life essentials, supported by deep, meaningful relationships ... I am Tending a Handmade Life and sharing the fruits of my efforts.

This is where I'm going, this is what is inspiring me, this is what I want to share.  Read more ...

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