All One Talismans

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All One Talismans ... a collection of symbols and text, gemstones, found treasures and blessings ... to inspire, remind, comfort.

For years I marveled at the aesthetic behind much of the work I created ... considering I'm a southern girl with a suburban middle class upbringing, it really didn't seem to make sense.  Unquestionably, the work was coming from somewhere deep within me, so it seemed best not to question my muse.  Along the way I decided my inspiration must be Vestiges of a Forgotten History.

I'm still that southern girl, albeit one who loves avant-garde clothing from Germany paired with little old man shoes from Italy, is heavily influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, has been known to sit for hours fueled by large mugs of exquisitely fragrant Earl Grey tea, perusing books on jewelry and ornament from Oceania to the Middle Ages.

But the main thing and above all else, I am a maker ...

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