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I am a maker, Tending a Handmade Life, creating Talismans & Tools for living in concert with earth & spirit.

I am seeking the way of living a good, authentic life, filled with nourishing foods, well-crafted tools and life essentials, supported by deep, meaningful relationships. 

I know that when I listen with a clear and open heart, I am being guided to where I need to go.  I am not glomming onto someone else's path.  It seems I am finding my own way.

I know in my heart that others share this path, but we have no leader, there is no fixed set of rules or particular direction that we must follow.  But we are a collective of sorts, inspiring and nurturing and keeping open hearts, all the while fanning the flames of creativity ... 

Thank you for sharing my journey.

This is where I'm going, this is what is inspiring me, this is what I want to share.  Read more ...

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