Talismans & Tools for Tending a Handmade Life

Introducing OPEN Intuitive Perfume Blends

A very limited first run of spirit guided, Intuitive Perfume Oils

These intriguing blends are the result of letting go of my thinking self, tapping into my heart self, being open and allowing spirit to guide my selection of oils and proportions ... hence the name of this series, Open.  It's been a beautiful and inspiring process creating these decidedly alternative, spirit guided perfume oil blends.  Here's the full, and I think pretty fascinating, story of how my fragrance journey began.

Each 4ml / .14oz roll top bottle is tucked into a sleeve made of vintage French homespun linen that's been dyed in my first ever indigo vat.  A corresponding number of dots is hand-sewn for each blend ... OPEN one, to or for.

Tools for the Home

A rustic collection of raw linen, bronze and clay accessories for the home.

The Talisman Creation Station

A spirited assortment of medallions & charms imprinted with symbols & glyphs, supported by text nuggets & gemstone accents.

Tap into your intuition, that special place of deep knowing ...

Which symbols resonate, what text and gems call to you?  Select one or several, a mix of bronze and fine silver, meaningful words + gemstone accents.  Then choose your necklace option, a Talisman Loop or plain, sterling chain, a colorful hand-plied silk cord or classic leather.  The components will arrive ready for you to assemble your personalized Talisman, to change as inspiration flows or to fit your daily needs or mood.  Start creating ...